I love travel and photography.  My passion is to create exquisite travel photos with a strong sense of story and place.  I’ve been traveling every chance I get for more than thirty years, and visited over thirty countries. But during my time as a manger in a busy software company I could only take about two weeks a year on the road. For someone with wanderlust this was driving me crazy. So I saved enough money, barely enough, quit my job on my 50th birthday in 2014, and started traveling full time. In the spirit of Joseph Campbell I’m following my bliss. Since then I’ve walked the 500 mile Camino Santiago across Spain, made a spectacle of myself at Tokyo Disney on Halloween, hiked mountains in the middle of Korea, visited my favorite art works in the Louvre, Uffizi, and Prado, and so much more. Of course I was lugging a ton of camera gear to all these places, the camera is as much a part of me as the need to travel.

Ronald Nelson at Mt. Ijen, Indonesia
Mt. Ijen, Indonesia

In this blog you’ll hear about my personal ups and downs on the road and about making a living while traveling. You’ll see some great photos and get tips on how I approach photography, tips you can use no matter what kind of photographer you are. What comes beyond that is yet to be discovered. Let the adventure begin!


Ronald Nelson at Vdara Hotel in Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada